Exciting Inventions

Today, we started our new English unit about biographies. Over the next week, we will be studying a range of biographies about a very famous inventor. To prepare for this, we have looked at inventions from the 21st century and debated which ones we think are the most useful and why!

Rainforest Printing

This week, we have worked hard to complete our Printing unit in Art. We have designed and completed our final pieces, using a combination of the skills we have been developing over the half term-relief printing, impressed block printing and mono printing. Today, we will share our work and evaluate it. Well done, Year 4!

PSHE Day: Health and Wellbeing

Today, Year 4 have been learning about how to look after our mental health. We have worked hard to discuss small and big feelings and what we can do if we start to feel worried or overwhelmed. We have linked this work to Safer Internet Day by exploring the negative mental health impacts of using the Internet without keeping ourselves safe!

Conductors and Insulators

In Science today, we built on our learning last week to set up and carry out an investigation into which materials are electrical conductors and which ones are electrical insulators. We made predictions about what which ones we thought would conduct electricity before testing our predictions. We found that copper, steel and brass all conducted electricity which made us conclude that metal is an electrical conductor. We also used our general knowledge of electrical safety to infer that water must also conduct electricity as it is dangerous to use water near electricity because you can get an electric shock. Great work, Year 4!

Life in an Anglo-Saxon village

We have continued our History work about the Anglo-Saxons by imagining that we were Anglo-Saxon settlers who had just arrived in Britain and deciding what we would need in order to build our new home. We used the features that we had identified to choose the best site to build it from three possible ones on a map. Then we looked at a real Anglo-Saxon village called West Stow that was discovered by archaeologists in the 1960s and 1970s to research what life would have been like at that time. Finally, we used what we had learned to design our own Anglo-Saxon village, making judgements based on what we know from historical sources e.g. The size of the village, where the settlers would have chosen, what elements would have been included.

Lean on Me!

In Music, we are learning about gospel music, focusing on the song, ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers. ¬†We have consolidated our understanding of pulse and tempo and explored the characteristics of this type of music. We had fun learnt the song by studying the lyrics and discussing the meaning behind them. We stood with our friends to sing so that we could really feel the message of ‘lean on me’!


This term, our Art topic is based on block printing. We have looked at the work of Mark Hearld whose work is inspired by nature and British floats and fauna and practised our sketching skills by making close observational drawings of different leaves. After that, we started to look at relief printing methods, experimenting with different found objects to create backgrounds to use in our future designs.

Expanded Noun Phrases

As part of our Imagery in Poetry work, weave been learning how to create noun expanded noun phrases. Yesterday, we created them by using adjectives to provide more detail for the reader. Today, we took our learning further and found out that we could also create them by using prepositional phrases!